Better body. Better golf.

Elite fitness education and programs designed to improve your consistency, build your confidence, and strengthen your game.

Detailed Assessments

A program is only as good as the assessment that comes before it. For your fitness regime to meet your goals we need to understand specific details about where your fitness level is. At Golf BodyPro we record:

  • Your fitness goals
  • Health history (injuries, conditions, surgeries, pregnancies...etc.)
  • Hobbies, exercise likes and dislikes.
  • Functional movement evaluation.

Customized Programs

Program design is only effective if it fits into your schedule and lifestyle. A great program written on paper stays on paper if it doesn't accommodate the needs of your schedule. At Golf BodyPro we design programs that address your:

  • Fitness Goals
  • Specific physiological needs (pain relief, postural, cardiovascular, mobility, strength, power, etc..)
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule
  • Hobbies and preferences.

Fitness DVD's

Fitness videos are great. The only problem with fitness videos is the model isn't you. At Golf BodyPro we videotape you correctly performing your customized program for your reference. Your video will include the cues you need to perform the workout correctly. After 4 to 8 weeks when you have improved your program will be upgraded and then you will get your new DVD.

One to One Training

Personalized one to one training is offered at our home location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Knoxville, TN and numerous locations throughout New York City. For those new to fitness, a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks of one to one training to ensure safety and results is highly recommended. Many people enjoy the professional care offered in one to one training and Golf BodyPro is happy to accommodate.

What our clients are saying...

"All the programs created for me and others I have referred to him have been astonishingly effective."
Tom Dyer, Director of Golf, Old Marsh Golf Club | more »
"The ultimate resource for golfers trying to take their game to the next level!!!"
Jared Isaacs, Lead Master Instructor - Jim McLean Golf School, PGA Member | more »
"Unique ability to understand and create golf specific training routines based on an individual's health needs and goals is unmatched."
Tom Dyer, Director of Golf, Old Marsh Golf Club | more »
" the best golf performance and rehabilitation expert in the world."
Scott Munroe, Top 25 ESPN Instructor | more »
" added 20 yards to my drive and my swing is pain-free."
Scott Munroe, Former Australian PGA Tour Player | more »
"After training I put at least 20 yards on my drive... If you get a chance to have this training enjoy the improvement in your game - I did."
Leila Dunbar, golf enthusiast and sports collectable's appraiser | more »
"helping my students play better golf by getting their bodies golf fit."
Scott Munroe, Top 100 Golf Magazine Instructor | more »
"You have taken me to the next level of fitness. After 35 years of avid exercise and 8 trainers this is the best training I have ever had."
Dr. Len Horovitz (Voted Top 100 Doctors by New York Magazine in June 2009) | more »
"I've actually altered the way in which I work out based on things I was taught about how my body works. In only one session, I learned how to engage my core during lifting to better build stabilizing muscles and focus on balance to improve over all strength."
Matthew Leahy - Former Collegiate Athlete | more »
"Any individual serious about increasing their distance, eliminating pain and injuries, increasing stamina or simply enhancing one's general health will greatly benefit."
Tom Dyer, Director of Golf, Old Marsh Golf Club | more »

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